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Evolution Model


The newest member of the GO GREEN APU family of products is the GO GREEN APU EVOLUTION. GO GREEN APU EVOLUTION gives drivers an anti-idling solution that is smaller, sized for reduced frame rail availability . . .has a sliding frame system (14”) making it the most serviceable APU on the market . . . has a Final Tier 4 Compliant Kubota 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine and choice of either a 4.0 or 5.2 generator . . . and, can utilize all current GO GREEN APU® options.

GO GREEN APU EVOLUTION™ is a self-contained, stand-alone APU that comes standard with the same robust, high performing features as its big brother . . . doesn’t invade main engine systems . . . doesn’t disable rig . . . doesn’t void OEM warranties. Eliminated main engine idling, reduces fuel consumption . . .fuel costs, and harmful emissions while saving money.

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Go Green APU Evolution Auxiliary Power Unit

APU Dimensions: 24.5 in (62.2 cm) W x 27.5 in (69.9 cm) H x 31 in (78.7 cm) D
APU Weight: 510 lb. (232 kg)
Engine: 2 Cylinder, 4 cycle, inline, Water-cooled Diesel
Environmental: U.S. EPA Tier IV Emission Compliant
Oil Change Interval: 1000 hours
Bio-Diesel: 5% Maximum
Fuel Consumption: 0.2 Gal/hour (0.76l/hr)
AC Power: 4.0 kW/4,000 watts/30 amps
5.2 kW/5,200 watts/40 amps – Special Order Only
Inverter:  Does not require an inverter
Battery Charging: 12 Volt DC 55 AMP Alternator
Sound Level: 59.5 dBA (with Go Green APU Quiet Comfort™ Option)
Heating, Main Engine: 120 volt AC to power block heater
Component Accessibility Sliding Frame System for ease of service

Black Rock HVAC Front 3-4_RGBGo Green APU Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit (HVAC)

HVAC Dimension: 17 in (43 cm) W x 7 in (17.8 cm) H x 16 in (40.6 cm) D
HVAC Weight: 30 lb (13 kg)
Air Conditioning: 26,000 BTUs/hr
Heater Output: 26,000 BTUs/hr (all Models)
Refrigerant: R-134a
Air Flow: 460 cf./13.02 cm

Go Green APU EVOLUTION Features

  • Anti-idling solution sized for reduced frame rail availability
  • Sliding frame rail makes it most serviceable APU on the market
  • 2 cylinder Kubota water cooled diesel Tier 4 compliant engine
  • Choice of 4.0 or 5.2 kW generator
  • 26,000 BTUs of A/C and heating
  • 1000 hour oil-change interval
  • Battery Monitor
  • Variety of Options

Go Green APU Evolution – Design

  • Easy, quick installation
  • Quiet with minimal vibration
  • Enhanced air conditioning and heating
  • Ample power to run household appliances
  • Extended maintenance cycles
  • Reduces fuel and maintenance costs
  • Enhances in-cab comfort
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Extends main engine longevity
  • Saves Money!

Available Options:

5.2 kw 5,200 WAT/40 AMP Generator
10 kw 10,000 WAT/3cylinder engine only
Go Green APU Quiet Comfort Package
Remote Key Start
Step Kit
Custom Mounting
Lights Stand Electric Generation Trailers
Equipment Trailers
3 Cylinder Engine/18.8 HP
Hydraulic Pump Package

Go Green APU Warranty

1 Year APU – Complete
2 Years/2,000 hours – Engine
3 Years/3,000 hours – Engine *Limited
Extended Fleet Warranty Available


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