Go Green APU Options

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Our auxiliary power units (APU) for trucks not only save you money, but come with a variety of options to fit your needs. Available options for your APU include:

  • 5.2 kw 5,200 WAT/40 AMP Generator – This generator will provide more amperage than our standard 4.0 kw.
  • 10 kw 10,000 WAT/3cylinder engine only – Custom without the HVAC system.
  • Go Green APU Quiet Comfort Package – Sleep or rest in quiet comfort without the loud, noisy fluttering sound.
  • Controller APP w/bluetooth –  You can start, stop, and manage your APU’s temperature using our phone app.
  • Step Kit – Provides easy access to the trucks deck.
  • Custom Mounting – No frame drilling.
  • Lights Stand Electric Generation Trailers – Used to supply electricity and heat for light stand towers and tool trailers.
  • Equipment Trailers – Used to supply electricity and heat for equipment trailers.
  • 3 Cylinder Engine/18.8 HP – Special Order.  Allows the use of a larger generator (6.0 kw) if more electrical power is needed.

Ready to order your APU?  Have questions about the available options?  Contact Us.