Specifications & Features

Go Green APU Auxiliary Power Units are designed for power, performance, and reliability.

The Go Green APU Adam model is synonymous with quality, comfort, robust performance and unfailing reliability. The Adam Model is designed to enhance a driver’s experience on the road, reduce operating costs and comply with “No Idle Laws”. It also provides environmental stewardship by reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.

Go Green APU’s can operate in extreme weather, endure rugged over-the-road conditions and perform to the highest operating standards of any APU on the market today.

Go Green APU Auxiliary Power Units:

Do not source main engine systems, disable rig or void OEM warranties
Eliminate main engine idling
Reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions
Enhance in-cab comfort and driver’s experience on the road
Extend truck engine maintenance cycles and longevity
Save operating expenses!
Reduce road side assistance calls

Go Green APU Auxiliary Power Unit

APU Dimensions: 29.5 in (75 cm) W x 28.5 in (72 cm) H x 30 in (76 cm) D
APU Weight 510 lb. (232 kg)
Engine: 2 Cylinder, 4 cycle, inline, Water-cooled Diesel
Environmental: U.S. EPA Tier IV Emission Compliant
Oil Change Interval: 1,000 hours
Bio-Diesel: 20% Maximum
Fuel Consumption: 0.23 Gal/hour (.087 l/h)
AC Power: 4.0 kW/4,000 watts/30 amps
5.2 kW/5,200 watts/40 amps – Special Order Only
Does not require an inverter
Battery Charging: 12 Volt DC 55 AMP Alternator
Sound Level: 59.5 dBA (with Go Green APU Quiet Comfort™ Option)
Heating, Main Engine: 120 volt AC to Power block heater

Go Green APU Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit (HVAC)

HVAC Dimension: 17 in (43 cm) W x 7 in (17.8 cm) H x 16 in (40.6 cm) D
HVAC Weight: 30 lb (13 kg)
Air Conditioning: 26,000 BTUs/hr
Heater Output: 26,000 BTUs/hr (all Models)
Refrigerant: R-134a
Air Flow: 460 cf./13.02 cm

Available Options

5.2 kw 5,200 WAT/40 AMP Generator
10 kw 10,000 WAT/3cylinder engine only
Go Green APU Quiet Comfort Package
Bluetooth Enabled Mobile App
Step Kit
Custom Mounting
Lights Stand Electric Generation Trailers
Equipment Trailers
3 Cylinder Engine/18.8 HP

Go Green APU Warranty

1 year APU – Complete
2 years/2,000 hours – Engine
3 Years/3,000 hours – Engine * Limited
Extended Fleet Warranty Available

Go Green APU Features

Kubota engine: 2 Cylinder

Choice of generators: 4.0 or 5.2

26,000 BTUs of A/C and heating

1,000 hour oil-change intervals

Battery Monitor

Go Green APU Design

Self Contained, Stand-alone system
Robust power and high performance
Quick, easy installation
Easy to service
Quiet with minimal vibration
Enhanced air conditioning and heating
Ample power to run 110 AC household appliances
Extended maintenance cyclyes